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Around Azeroth: Taming the elusive Dragonhawk [Updated]


I have to admit -- I've never seriously played a hunter. (By which I mean I've never played one much beyond level 20.) But the idea of taming pets always fascinated me, and whenever I have spent time playing hunters, I've always gone out of my way to find and tame interesting beasts. (A level 12 troll with a pet owl gets a lot of attention. "Where did you get that?!" "Teldrassil." "Where's that?" "You have to catch the boat from Darkshore." And then, thirty minutes later, "You didn't tell me it was an alliance zone!!!!!" "You didn't ask!") Which is why I love this shot sent in by reader Kehyler of Onyxia, showing similar perseverance in acquiring a unique pet -- this one a brilliant red Dragonhawk found in the Blood Elf starting zone. (I can only imagine traveling through Eastern Plaguelands around level 10 is painful...)

Update: Reader Chris noticed this post and sent in an excellent set of instructions for a Draenei hunter wishing to tame their own Dragonhawk. (And even if you aren't a Draenei, they should be helpful.) Thanks, Chris!

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