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Sticky WIndows 2.0: universal and more

Mat Lu

We last mentioned Sticky Windows over a year ago, and now finally the window clutter tab utility has finally been updated to version 2.0 as a universal binary. Sticky Windows allows you to create a tab from any window. You just drag the window to the edge of the screen and it shrinks down into the tab. You can then click on the tab to get the window back. Also new in version 2.0 are tab types: manual vs. automatic (all tabbed windows other than the foremost one automatically shrink) as well as drag and drop to the tabs (though this doesn't work with every application). The Sticky Windows site has an extremely slick flash movie that demonstrates what it does (notice the clock in the menu bar of the movie). I have to say, though, that I'm not that big a fan of the pink scaling visual effect that you see each time a tab shrinks or expands.

Sticky Windows is $20 and a demo is available from Donelleschi Software.

[Via MacMinute]

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