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Three Speech retracts PS3 BioShock, but not other release dates


Three Speech, the "semi-official blog handled by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe," has retracted their claim that BioShock is coming to the PlayStation 3. The kerfuffle began when Steve Boxer, one of the only non-anonymous writers for the site, stated the PlayStation 3 would be getting the game. He wrote in a post about upcoming games, "Another hotly anticipated title from 2K Games (also appearing on Xbox 360) is BioShock." Of course, having this posted on Sony Europe's semi-official blog did bring the statements some weight. The post also stated September would see the releases of Killzone, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank, Lair and Warhawk. None of these release dates have been retracted, but Sony America says the only game with a confirmed date is Lair in July.

It would be nice to finally get a statement on what Three Speech is to Sony. This is the second time in two weeks Three Speech has gone off-message. They state on their site, "Three Speech isn't part of PlayStation, but it does get to speak to PlayStation. You could say we're 'semi official'." Our requests to Three Speech for the name of their editor and a list of their writers have been ignored previously. We continue to question who Three Speech is and what they represent. If they are a handled by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, like Sony America says, it might be time to tug the leash.

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