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Wil Wheaton loves the Virtual Console


Geek hero, Weblogs, Inc. buddy, and, yes, former Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton has discovered the Virtual Console, and like all reasonable people who have just been given access to Alien Crush, he likes it! In a column on the generally-not-safe-for-work SuicideGirls website, Wil traces his NES experiences, taking us back to a time when people voluntarily played Kung Fu. After playing a demo NES in a store, he attempted to persuade his parents to purchase a system, calling it "...probably the most advanced computer that will ever be made."

Naturally, when the Wii came along and gave him another crack at The Legend of Zelda and other NES classics, Wil was more than pleased to share the games he grew up on with his stepson. We love to hear good things about the Virtual Console, and we're also glad Wil chose to play NES games in his youth instead of nefarious mind-controlling puzzle games. This is probably the most heartwarming article we've ever read on a porn site.

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