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Fumo Quicksilver Interface: smokin'

Mat Lu

Okay, I'm perfectly willing to concede that, practically speaking, this is utterly pointless; nonetheless, it's pretty dang cool. Ankur Kothari (whom we've featured a couple of times before) is working on a new interface for TUAW favorite Quicksilver, which he calls Fumo. The interface is still a work in progress, but he's released a preview version that includes the infamous smoke effects courtesy of the Disco developers. Fumo itself is an interesting idea, incorporated all three of the bezel interface's panes into a single box (the center well is the equivalent of the left pane, the action (middle pane) is above the well, and the object is below).

Fumo is a free download from Ankur's site, the Vacuous Virtuoso (there's also a non-smoking version if you're a square). To see where Fumo is heading, check out the original concept, inspired by Automator.

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