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Happy bunny and colored egg day!

Dustin Burg

We just wanted to wish you and every fanboy out there a very happy Easter! Even if you aren't religious or just hate April holidays, we still wish you a great day. On second thought, how can you not love celebrating a day that features bunnies, colored eggs and (literally) a ton of candy? See, that's what we thought. One of our favorite things to do during Easter is color a few dozen chicken eggs with our family, friends, and sworn enemies. X3F reader and fanboy at heart Josh also enjoys coloring Easter eggs with his wife and son and this year decided to go all fanboy on an egg. Yup, that beauty up above is his work ... an Xbox 360 logo plastered on an Easter egg. Awesome job Josh and what a great way to brainwash the little one at such an early age. Kudos to you.

Anyway, no matter if you celebrate Easter or not we hope you have a great day stuffing your face with food, playing video games, and catching that darn rabbit. He's a quick little creature, but capturing him is totally worth it ... trust us.

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