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Blu-Ray specs changing, audio mixing for PS3 coming?

Nick Doerr

Note that the article over at TG Daily doesn't actually mention anything about the PlayStation 3, although it does speak at length about Blu-ray players. The specs are changing, come October 31, for stricter control of the Blu-ray hardware, though this doesn't equate to much difference to current BD players (especially our sexy PS3). One thing stands out that should make its way to the PlayStation 3, though.

See, BD-Java is supported by all BD-players (that's the language used for the enhanced menu screens and special features or whatever), but differing technical specs between players made it difficult for movie studios to explore everything they could do with the new tech. So they're going to make new specs to allow for new things like picture-in-picture (or PiP if you want to go Great Expectations on their face), or running two video streams at once, like a video commentary alongside the movie itself, or storyboards. Those have been in HD-DVD players since day one!

Another interesting change is the ability to manipulate the soundtrack (this is in reference to the "enhanced game playing features"... so we're assuming this will also come to the PlayStation 3 in time) via a proprietary audio mixing feature. The PS3 would do well to have this, don't you think? Those songs on MotorStorm get old after a few hours.

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