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Breakfast topic: Leveling weapon skill


All melee classes have felt the joy of finally getting a new, higher DPS weapon. Unfortunately, most melee classes have also felt the pain of equipping that new weapon, running into a fight, and suddenly realizing that your weapon skill is way, way too low for the area. It's time to go back to the lowbie areas and grind it up.

I usually grind weapon skills on my main rogue by going to Ragefire Chasm, Razorfen Kraul, Shadowfang Keep or Wailing Caverns and offering to run through low levels. I figure it gets me a free way to level up my skill while providing them with easy quest completions and loot.

Other strategies I've heard include beating up critters, going to town on an evade bugged mob, getting a warlock friend to repeatedly banish something, dueling a paladin, and, of course, using your new weapon on trash mobs in raids where no one's going to notice that you're slacking.

How do you level your weapon skill? Casters, are you glad you don't have to deal with this?

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