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Burger King 360 prize comes with steep price: Terror

Justin McElroy

Ever heard of looking a gift horse in the mouth? It's supposed to be a bad idea. It's just not as unwise as looking a gift Burger King in his deadened, black, all-seeing eyes and learning the exact date of your death. One guy named David did just that ... and lived to tell the tale.

David was lucky enough to win a Burger King sweepstakes -- an effort to promote their line of top-notch games -- picking up a premium Xbox 360, tons of accessories, oh, and the physical manifestation of fear: a Burger King mask. Sure, he enjoyed the prizes and all, but it had to be packed in with the face of evil itself, which more than negates the generosity. It's a little like getting hot, free muffins from a truck that just ran over your uncle. "Yes, the muffins were delicious, but ..."

Well, at least David didn't receive a copy of Big Bumpin'. So there's still some kindness in the world.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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