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Gamestop spoils Twilight Princess ending in stores

Justin McElroy

We're not really sure why, but Gamestop is desperate for you to finish Twilight Princess. First, it was begging you to hurry up and finish it so you can return it and now they've decided to cut to the chase and start showing the ending to the game in stores.

We haven't seen it for ourselves, but a few employees of the of Gamestop/EB Games family have clued us in that the last 10 minutes or so of the game is on display on their in-store TV network. We can't reveal exactly what's shown without being spoilicious ourselves so, suffice it to say ... it's everything.

Wait, it gets better. The original complainant on the GameFAQs message board says he got the impression that this was going to be a new monthly feature. Some of you may have a problem with it, but think of the convenience! Now you can just go in the Gamestop, put down $5 to pre-order a game, see how it ends and pre-order something else. You could never have to play a game again!

[Thanks, evilmax17]

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