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Manhunt 2's crazy story revealed

Steven Bailey

Occasionally, game details slip out of Gamestop's website, like drool from a bulldog's mouth. This is such an occasion. Visiting Gamestop's Manhunt 2 page reveals story details on the mysterious Manhunt 2. What do PSP gamer's have to look forward to in this macabre title? Let's have the game description itself tell us.

"An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the only surviving subjects. The Pickman Project will stop at nothing to hunt them down and stop the truth from getting out.

Demented screams echo around the dank asylum that has caged you for the last six years. You open your eyes. A white-coated body slumps to the floor through your shaking hands. A bloody syringe slips from your arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over you. You have no idea who you are or how you got here.

The door to your cell is open. One choice. One chance. They took your life. Time to take it back."

Pickman Project? I wonder if Miyamoto is behind this.

[Via Kotaku]

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