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Ouch! PS3 finishes last in Australia?

Nick Doerr

Well, darn it all. We could've sworn things were looking good when we got this post up. Well, sure, we noticed that PlayStation 3 titles pretty much monopolized the software sales for a little bit, but that's not what should be counted on to deem a system's launch a success. Hardware is truly what counts and those numbers fell behind the competition, as you can see here. So, yes, the PS3 finished last in Australia, but they didn't lie about breaking records.

See, the record Sony claims to have broken over the launch time in Australia was the retail surge. They generated more retail business than any other console, but that was definitely a mask for the truth: they didn't sell as many units. They got business, they got the dollars, but they didn't get the install base and it's clear that's what's going to matter in the end. Alas. We're curious to see if any of the high-profile titles will draw in some more unit sales, or if the supposed price-drop will help greatly. Due to the loss of the 20GB model, who knows. See, we can use a ton of links too!

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