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Postcards from Silvermoon City


Last time we checked in on our rogue friend Gweedo, he was stealthing around Thunder Bluff, looking for likely assassination targets. I asked, at the time, when we might be seeing the inside of Silvermoon City from a rogue's perspective -- and Gweedo does not disappoint. While Silvermoon apparently has better security than Thunder Bluff or the Undercity -- including patrols that can see through stealth as well as a special anti-rogue patrol that spawns behind Lor'thermar when a stealthed player is detected in the area -- but apparently a well-trained rogue can still work their way into the heart of the city. But, really, my description doesn't do the trip justice -- for a full accounting of a dwarf's day in Silvermoon City, you really need to read Gweedo's story yourself.

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