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PSP games not much more expensive than DS games


Think PSP games are expensive? You'd be wrong. Things have changed greatly since the system's release more than two years ago, with the $50 price point for some UMD games a thing of the past. Curmudgeon Gamer took a look at the upcoming releases on both handhelds, and noted that only one game currently has a $50 MSRP: Oblivion. The average cost of a PSP game is $29.89, only $2 more than the DS average of $27.29. Curmudgeon Gamer has a few other interesting statistics:
  • EB Games lists 102 new games for the Nintendo DS and 94 new games for the PSP. There's no games for PSP? Incorrect.
  • The median game price for each system is $29.99
  • About 33% of all PSP games retail for under $25. (DS has about 41%.)
This doesn't come as surprising for long-time PSP fans. Hopefully, the rest of the gaming world will soon understand that although PSP games feature better graphics, they don't have to cost more.

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