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PSP games not much more expensive than DS games

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Think PSP games are expensive? You'd be wrong. Things have changed greatly since the system's release more than two years ago, with the $50 price point for some UMD games a thing of the past. Curmudgeon Gamer took a look at the upcoming releases on both handhelds, and noted that only one game currently has a $50 MSRP: Oblivion. The average cost of a PSP game is $29.89, only $2 more than the DS average of $27.29. Curmudgeon Gamer has a few other interesting statistics:
  • EB Games lists 102 new games for the Nintendo DS and 94 new games for the PSP. There's no games for PSP? Incorrect.
  • The median game price for each system is $29.99
  • About 33% of all PSP games retail for under $25. (DS has about 41%.)
This doesn't come as surprising for long-time PSP fans. Hopefully, the rest of the gaming world will soon understand that although PSP games feature better graphics, they don't have to cost more.

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