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PSP vs DS game price showdown, it's a draw

Don't have a PSP but that recent $30 price cut just put it within your financial grasp? Then we'll not only advise that you look for additional employment, but we'll direct you towards this handy article at Curmudgeon Gamer that addresses some of the tired, specious arguments you may have seen propagated on this here internet. Namely, that the PSP has no games and, what games it does have, require a second mortgage to finance.

Some observations: the $50 PSP game is gone (the vaporous Oblivion for PSP notwithstanding), replaced by the much more amenable $40 game; EB Games lists 102 new games for the DS and 94 for the PSP; the average cost of a game on each platform is only off by $2.54; and the median price for each system is a common $29.99. With Sony telling teens to "get their own," convincing the chronically underemployed that PSP games are affordable is more important than ever.

The data is available on Curmudgeon Gamer in a variety of formats if anyone cares to remix it ... or make us a more attractive 425 pixel wide chart! Update: Thanks for the chart, Steve!

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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