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Boom Boom Rocket fires onto XBLA this Wednesday

Jared Rea

Serious Cat is in severe danger of losing his home this month, but do you care? No, of course not. You're about as giddy as a 13 year old girl at a Cheetah Girls concert, what with all your Xbox Live Arcade releases as of late. Is that how you get your kicks? He's got a family you know. A whole litter of em'. But don't let that prevent you from enjoying this EA Pogo rhythm title.

Boom Boom Rocket will be available this Wednesday (see: tomorrow) and will cost 800 Microsoft Points. We here at Joystiq love pushing buttons really fast to music when a game instructs us to do so, but we're a bit cautious with this one. Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers and fireworks? Sure, sounds great. We only hope that by "ten original tracks" they mean there are ten tracks on top of the classical music turned eurotrash we've already heard. Otherwise, a certain cat who's known to be serious may just earn a check this week.

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