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British bloke marries woman after randomly texting her

Darren Murph

We've heard of quite a few oddities taking place across the lake, but this one has to be considered amongst the most outlandish of all. Apparently, a British fellow who couldn't get a random phone number out of his head following a presumably potent dream decided to text the number and inquire if he had met the person the night prior. As these things always do, one thing led to another, and eventually the two ended up meeting, and as fate would have it, they fell head over heels in love. Aside from the sap, the couple actually went so far as to get married and flee to Goa for their honeymoon after "a long courtship." Let us be the first to say "congrats" to Mr. Brown, but you should be aware that the DVR is no longer under your control, and choosing your iPod over the lady could evidently lead to some seriously dirty looks.

[Via Fark]

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