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Grimhorn has more HP than you


Sometimes the greatest ideas can seem totally crazy at first. A box with moving, flickering pictures in it? What is this sorcery? And how can you TALK to people through a bunch of wires and cables? There's a fine line between genius and insanity, and straddling that line is Grimhorn of Illidan.

Grimhorn has chosen a ... unique way to outfit his character. Instead of going for the usual hunter staples of agility, intellect and attack power, Grimhorn has invested entirely in green plus stamina armor. With stamina enchants. And stamina rings. And dual Goblin Rocket Launchers. And a green stamina axe with Crusader on it.

This has given him a whopping 1074 stamina, which means he has 17134 health (at last count.) Compare that to Death and Taxes' (presumably) main tank, Vestige, who has a mere 14504 HP. Of course, Grimhorn suffers the penalty of having absolutely no other statistics on his armor, leaving him with a 2 percent crit chance and no bonuses to ranged or melee attack power.

Grimhorn answers the question of how the heck he plays with this setup in a hunter forum thread. As expected, he mostly relies on his pet to kill things -- although he can efficiently trap as well, since that's not affected by attack power. He says he plans on removing some of his stam gear when he gets arena gear, but until then, he's content with just being the impossible-to-kill kiting hunter. He also doubles as a WSG flag carrier. Best quote from a fellow hunter: "It's kind of like a druid in bear form, without any arms or legs to attack you."

Hunters, what do you think? Is Grimhorn a total incompetent or a creative genius? Has anyone else seen highly unconventional gear or spec options that ended up working for their creator?

Image by Kieran Lafferty, from the Blizzard Fan Art Program.

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