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Indie gaming site to fund 'fresh and funky and innovative and exciting' game projects


Indie developers have the luxury of toying with experimental ideas and releasing quirky games that would never sell in the mainstream. The catch is there's rarely any profit to be had, and developers only work in their spare time after the good ole 9-to-5 comes to an end. Dozens of innovative ideas surface, struggle, and sink each year because the creators don't have enough time or money to invest in their project.

Dan Marshall of is tired of seeing the good die young. Starting the very moment you read this sentence, profits earned through Dan's indie news site will be stuffed under the mattress and saved. When a promising game idea comes along that needs a monetary push, Dan will hand the team an envelope full of cash with the inspiring words "Go, my friends. Work full-time on this, your fresh and funky and innovative and exciting game.".

The Gibbage initiative will help indie devs hire artists and programmers to make their game a more polished experience. We just hope the flood of cash-hungry wannabe programmers tossing half-baked ideas around doesn't make Dan regret his offer.

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