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New Peter Lee concept art (including the Black Temple)

Mike Schramm

Our good friend Boubouille at MMO Champion has a nice post up linking to some of Peter Lee's concept art-- he's been given the go ahead by Blizz to put up a few new pieces, and they are definitely awesome. If you've got the art book that came with the Collector's Edition of the expansion, I'm pretty sure you've seen them, but even if you have they're worth another look.

You can see some neat concepts of Nagrand, Auchindoin, and the Outland side of the Dark Portal, along with a few other expansion locations. There's even a piece of the new Black Temple (which we just learned about), and this cool pic above of a Tauren Shaman throwing down what can only be a Windwall Totem. Now, it could be Windfury, but A) he's solo, so it's more likely he'd use Windfury weapon, and B) He's still wearing Earthfury, so it's not likely that he's 64 yet for Wrath of Air, or he would have found better gear, and C) He's getting hit with arrows. If it is Windwall, that might mean he's the first Shaman who's ever actually found a good use for that one-- most shaman don't even have the icon on their bars.

Of course, maybe I'm reading too much into the art (I won't even get into the placement of the totems, which is clearly wrong). Anyway, it looks very cool. Enjoy.

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