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Remote Solution's RH60 touchscreen remote hits the FCC


It looks like those looking for a little all-in-one control of their overwhelming electronics collection will soon have another option at their disposal courtesy of Remote Solution, with the company's RH60 touchscreen remote recently passing through the FCC's all-important hands. Looking as much like a PMP as a remote, the fully-programmable device boasts a decently-sized 3.9-inch LCD, with both IR and ZigBee wireless connectivity, along with 64MB of Flash storage and 64MB of SDRAM. At least some of that space appears to have already been put to good use by Remote Solution, with a version of Tetris coming pre-loaded on the remote, along with a basic memo app and an alarm clock. Of course, the FCC doesn't have much control over price, which means we'll have to wait a bit longer for any word on that, as well as any indication on exactly when it'll be available.

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