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Disney continues consumer electronics onslaught

Evan Blass

If you're in the market for a particular gadget and you're unable to find a Disney-themed version, well, you're just not looking hard enough. Second only to Hello Kitty as shameless animated shills for cheap electronics, Mickey and friends have just released yet another portable DVD player -- now with 10% less explosions! -- along with a digital photo viewer, Princess and Cars swag to go along with yesterday's Pirates of the Caribbean silliness, and new skins for nearly all of its five million MixPixMaxClixStix devices. The Dual-Screen Mobile DVD System, as it's known, features two seven-inch LCDs that hook onto the back of both front seat headrests; the kiddies still have to watch the same movie, but now there's less of a chance that they'll give each other concussions fighting for the best viewing angle. As for the Show Pix photo frame, you're getting a keychain-sized, um, keychain with a 1.1-inch LCD that can store 50 of Junior's best in-class pics of his teacher slowly being tormented into insanity from all this Disney crap. Finally, the Mix Max PMP, Mix Stix and Mix Clip DAPs, and Pix Micro, Pix Click, and Pix Max digital cameras (try saying that even two times fast) are all getting hot new looks courtesy of Pirates and undercover pop star Hannah Montana (pictured, and we swear we had to look that up). Available immediately, the DVD system bundled with a sampler disc is going for $180, the Show Pix will run you $40 apiece, and the gazillion other models cost the same as they always did.

[Via PMP Today]

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