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EA producer responds to SSX Blur's icy reception [update 1]


SSX Blur didn't exactly receive unanimous approval. Many thought that the Wii controller was going to be a perfect fit for the trick-heavy snowboard series, and while some continued to think that after playing it, other reviewers were nonplussed.

EA Montreal's Eric Chartrand, who recently revealed Nintendo's Mii stinginess, responded to the cumulative critical "meh" his last game received, saying "The reaction to the game was very... how can I say that... interesting." He goes on to talk about wildly varying feelings about the effectiveness of the control scheme. He also suggested that the gaming press were disproportionately negative about the controls, and that the public enjoyed the game more than reviews would indicate.

What did you think about Blur? Did you find it "serviceable and enjoyable at times" or do you agree with Chartrand that it was a "damn fine game"?

[Update: fixed a broken link.]

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