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Fanpoll: will you use 360 instant messaging?


With all this hubbub over the spring update, we felt it time for a new fanpoll. Despite the revisions to achievement notifications and Xbox Live Marketplace, Live Messenger integration is definitely getting the most media play. As such, we thought it would be a good idea to gauge public interest in the concept. Obviously, the Xbox 360 already has voice chat, so IM seems like something of a step backwards. Of course, instant messaging promises cross-platform connectivity, allowing users to chat across the Xbox 360, PCs, and mobile devices. So, here's the big question: will you use instant messaging on 360? Is it something that appeals to you? Plug in your vote after the break and tell us what you think. We'll share the results during the next Xbox 360 Fancast.

Will you use 360 instant messaging?
Yes, I love smileys :)
No, my fingers are for gaming
Why IM when you can voice chat?
Only if this means 360 finally gets WoW

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