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Mike the emotional robot, transforming RoboCar on display in Brazil

Evan Blass

By way of Tech Digest, we caught wind of that angry-looking fellow you see pictured above on the left. Why is he so pissed? We wish we could tell you: all that's known about "Mike the emotional robot" created by computer science and electrical engineering students at Brazil's FEI Mauá college is that its LCD "face" changes color based on mood (red for anger, green for happy, and orange for sad), though how those moods are determined is beyond us or the press release announcing Mike's public unveiling. We should know more sometime after today, though, as this is the start of the Robótica - International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Fair in São Paulo, where Mike will be displayed alongside other bots and techie attractions like robot sumo and RoboCup-style tournaments, the old Hug T-Shirt we've seen in several iterations, and most promising of all, RoboCar the life-size Transformer (pictured right). If any of our Brazilian readers are brave enough to risk Mike going all Itchy and Scratchyland on you and your fellow attendees, we'd love for you to send in some pics and details (via our Tips form) from what sounds like a dangerous-but-fun gathering.

[Via Tech Digest]

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