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Phraze-It 2.0 released for Pocket PC

Brian White

We sometimes wish we had a portable, full-sized keyboard stuffed in our pants for those times when a fast email or longer SMS was needing composed. Yes, there are dual-sliders that were designed to give us the closest thing, but perhaps a functional onscreen keyboard is not a bad idea either, right? Enter Prevalent Devices' Phraze-It keyboard for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Pocket PC handsets, announced recently in 2.0 form. Phraze-It comes with a "complete computer keyboard" for those long diatribes, but it was designed for typing with index fingers and thumbs. We'd like to see the unit before we agree with the company's claim of "accurate, easy to use on-screen keys" that "let mobile users have an equivalent desktop experience on their PDAs and PDA phones," but from what we've heard, this sounds like a humdinger for those that don't want a 23 inch-wide keyboard protruding from their backpack.

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