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Planex intros Jack in the Box iTunes/DLNA media server


Looks like Planex is joining Princeton, Buffalo, and others in talking up the iTunes/DLNA capabilities of its NAS media servers, tossing in some added branding for good measure with its new Jack in the Box unit. Like Princeton's offering, Planex's will require you to supply your own hard drive, although it takes things one step further with room for two 3.5-inch SATA drives (up to 750GB each), with support for RAID 0 or 1 configurations. Like some of Planex's other NAS servers, this one also promises to play nice with BitTorrent, with its own client taking some of the load off your PC. Rounding things out, you'll also get a built-in SD/MMC card slot, which you can use to offload data at the touch of a button. Look for this one to hit Japan later this month for ¥39,800, or about $334.

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