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Plasma TV sales not doing so good

Matt Burns

Ah, the plasma TV. Remember way back a few years ago, everyone used to hate on plasmas so much. Screen-burn this, fragile screen that - rubbish these days but back then, they had some truth. Looks like all the bad talk finally caught up to the technology though as they just aren't selling like it was 2006. Plasma TV sales dropped nearly 16 percent from last February to this year. That works out to be $35 million less generated by plasma TV sales. Its kind of obvious why isn't it. LCDs. They're perceived as a better, more reliable technology and in some cases, are cheaper. Plus, every must have 1080p these days and you can only get a 1080p plasma if it has a large price tag attached. Which screen would we get? Most around the Engadget office would ultimately opt for a plasma for the better picture but an LCD would be considered too.

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