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Post update Gears problems surface

Dustin Burg

Gears of War's latest auto update has been released for a few days now and the overall consensus has been pretty positive. A new gametype, check. More balancing of weapons, check. Sticking to every damn wall and glitching still not fixed, check. Wait ... still sticking to walls and cheaters still able to glitch? Yes, it's true friends, the latest auto update is far from perfect not fixing all our glitching woes and even making one annoyance worse.

The list of new fixes in the latest Gears update specifically stated that they have "Adjusted Roadie Run: Reduced frequency of accidentally grabbing cover while running ". But in truth, most everyone we've talked to agrees that the opposite is occurring. Roadie running now feels like you have fourteen gallons of Elmer's glue smothered over your body causing you to stick to every wall and object when running. Not only that, but the weapon slide and other glitches are still occurring. True, Epic did fix the "traditional" ways of pulling off such glitches, but (literally) minutes after the update went live YouTube videos were posted showing new ways to pull off the same moves. Glitching fixed? Nope, newly found button combos activate all the same glitches.

Overall, the update was a success, but the roadie run sticking and new glitches surfacing just make us sour. We've tried to contact Epic to see if they are aware of the issues, if they're working on a mini patch, or if we just have to play this way for the next three months. But we've been unsuccessful in such a contact and haven't received a response from them. So, anyone want to weigh in on their post update GoW multiplayer experiences?

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