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SolidAlliance CEO interviewed: seems sane


The only thing that could be possibly trump an interview with the CEO of Thanko, is an interview with the CEO from Japan's SolidAlliance. You know, SolidA, the eccentric kooks behind the original USB Sushi and other such master crapsmanship. Mister Karahara sat down with Akihabara News to display the best of the best. Who knew that the Ghost Detector really worked!? According to Kawahara-san a lot of customers have "actually found a ghost, just try it." Okaaay. Unfortunately, the UFO Detector has not been so successful; SolidAlliance has "not heard of people finding the UFO, yet. But if you have any feedback, just call us." Oh... we will, we will, right after we get off the horn with the French space agency. See the full interview after the break.

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