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Today in Joystiq: April 11, 2007

Ross Miller

This relic (care of brandon shigeta) is the Pocket Station. Released a month after the Dreamcast and its very similar VMU portable console / memory card, it was a Japan-only product that was intended to "enhance" full PlayStation One titles. Just a reminder that console-portable connectivity was out there long before Nintendo did it. Check out the highlights for today:

Gene Simmons rocks Times Square with Guitar Hero II

Gamestop/EB sells Wii for low price of $549.92
Mortal Kombat II bloodies up the PS3 April 12th
Guitar Hero II song packs now Live, pricey
Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen opens chrono-rift in XBLM
GameStop: Battle is between Wii and PS3, Us: WTF?
GTA IV briefing in Game Informer, multiplayer and more
Does Super Paper Mario have future DS connectivity? No
Uwe Boll responds to 9/11 'Postal' criticism, pats himself on back
Make that Apple TV a gaming emulation station
Ouendan 2 release date, partial song list revealed
Blowing on the DS sucks (or: the huff-and-puff games)
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass hits Japan in June (this June)
Sony considers incentives for commercial PS3 use
Jeepers creepers, Nintendo wants to train your peepers
Greek interview reveals new Wii games: Music, Health Pack
R.I.P. PlayStation 3 20GB is officially no more
Dragon's Lair may foil your Blu-ray player
Pac-Man VS coming to DS via Namco Museum
Foxconn production: Not enough for Wii, plenty for PS3?
Ninja Gaiden DS out in Autumn, says Itagaki
Halo 2: Desolation and Tombstone map pack photos
Perrin Kaplan expects Wii shortages to 'last for some time'
Massachusetts tries Jack Thompson's failed Utah game bill
Wii Opera browser's final version available

Rumors & Speculation
EGM: "Word is another Halo game is in the works."
Analysis determines publisher strengths in console war

Culture & Community
It's fun to Wii at the YMCA
Bartering in Warcraft, trading mounts for mounts
Guinness to legitimize couch potatoes with video game records
Orangutans play video games; apocalypse nears
Guitar controlling Halo -- Radicalness: 1, Usefulness: 0

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