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DS Daily: Region free


We know some of you import, or have at least been tempted once or twice, and we're curious about the motivations behind such a desire, regardless of its strength. Do you simply get tired of waiting for regional releases? Sometimes there's no telling when a game will come to your local store -- particularly for European gamers -- and the waiting is tough when you know someone else, somewhere, is enjoying that very game right now. And then there's the issue of games that just aren't likely to see release in certain regions, for whatever reason. Sometimes, the temptation for something like Jump Ultimate Stars is just too great.

We're also curious if that's a new thing for you, the temptation (or practice) of importing. Do you import for other systems? It's our experience that once you start importing games from another part of the world, for whatever reason, you often continue to do so. It's just the first time that's a little daunting. But if you've never done it before, or given the practice much thought, why now?

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