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GR-10 GPS receiver plays the "world's smallest" card

Darren Murph

At this point, we hardly need to offer up a skeptical disclosure about the oft played "world's smallest" claim, but the 12-channel GR-10 GPS chip actually might be the most diminutive at the moment. Coming in at just ten- x ten- by two-millimeters in size, this wee device rocks a pair of serial ports, -152dBm sensitivity, 35mA operating current, and can open up "new doors" in the dodgy realm of voyeurism precautionary tracking. It was noted that an external antenna will be required, theoretically adding quite a bit of mass to the finished product, but let's not argue over semantics. The uber-tiny GR-10 is available now for $58.46 if ordering more than ten units at a time, but since you aren't likely to cough up $584.60 real quick like, just click on through for an impressive size comparison shot.

[Via MAKE]

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