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Home Theater Mag reviews the Viewsonic Cine5000

Matt Burns

The 720p projector market is flooded with tons of models around $1000 so a 720p projector has to be something special to be worth an extra $1500. (the Panasonic PT-AX100U is) Home Theater Mag didn't find the Viewsonic Cine5000 to be anything special but rather just a business DLP projector re-badged as a home theater model. Small zoom, limited picture control, and just average picture quality maked for a, well, overpriced projector. Maybe if this projector had an MSRP of closer to a grand the review wouldn't be as negative but at that high of a price, certain qualities need to be present and the Viewsonic Cine5000 doesn't seem to have 'em.

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