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JVC shows off 110-inch RPTV - uses questionable demo material

Matt Burns

Ok, let's get the TV details out of the way. JVC, some sort of rear-projection, 110-inches, 5,000:1 contrast ratio, ¥6,000,000 ($50,331 USD) and should hit the Japanese market by December. Cool. Now, check out their demo material. We look at many pictures each day and let us tell, we really doubt they are using a HD source on that 110-inch screen. Even worse, it looks like a video file you download of one of those pirate sites we have been hearing about lately -- not that we know any so don't ask. Funny thing though, check out the subtitles - we always thought Americans get Japanese subtitles on downloaded videos and Japanese get English subtitles but apparently not.

[Via BornRich]

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