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LaCie's 26-inch 526 pro LCD promises wide color gamut

Evan Blass

LaCie is poised to kick out a 26-inch LCD (well, really 25.5-inches, but we'll follow the company's lead in rounding up) for you pro users later this month, with its simply-named 526 promising to reproduce 95% of the AdobeRGB and 98.5% of the ISO-coated color space. Your $2,000 also gets you 1,900 x 1,200 resolution (of course), numerous in-monitor calibration tools, and one of those special hoods that both minimize glare and make you look much more professional than you really are. For an extra $300, LaCie will also toss in its blue eye pro colorimeter, which will supposedly help you maintain the most consistent colors throughout the publication process. Sounds pretty impressive, and if it weren't so damn pricey, we'd toss out our old Dell 24-incher in a heartbeat.

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