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Loco Roco developer reveals cheats, answers questions


Loco Roco is easily one of the happiest games ever made, and it stands as the most critically acclaimed on PSP. Beyond Loco, a fan site dedicated entirely to the blubbery wonders, has somehow managed to capture Greg Tavares for a fan-driven Q&A session. This man clearly knows his stuff: one look at his blog will unveil a plethora of secrets that have remained hidden since the game's release. Codes for the game, such as how to unlock all levels, can be found at his blog.

Members of the Beyond Loco fan site are free to submit questions at their message board. Certainly, the Loco Roco hardcore now have no choice but to register and bombard the site. Get your thinking caps on soon, as your burning questions won't be accepted after next Wednesday, the 18th.

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