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Monster Cable creates strategic wireless partnership

Matt Burns

Everyone knows Monster Cable. High quality and high priced AV cables, right? Many people are going to argue about the quality of their products but before you tell us about your super-HDMI cable from, check out this upcoming venture. Tzero is a maker of ultra-wideband chips that will allow for wireless 1080i HDMI connection. So, put that wireless technology into a flat-panel mount with one of Monster's power conditioners (pictured) and we think they have a winner on their hands. Hopefully the other end of the extender will be a HDMI hub and work via a IR extender but there we go wishing again - got to stop that. The two brackets, one for small and large flat-screens, are expected to hit shelves sometime this fall but we don't have prices just yet. Chances are they are going to be pricey - Monster Cable pricey.


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