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New flight paths and graveyards

Eliah Hecht

The 2.1 news just keeps coming. As well as boatloads of profession changes and new Darkmoon cards, now there is information on two new graveyards and some new flight points and flight paths:

New Graveyards

Two new graveyards have been added to Blade's Edge Mountains.

New Flypaths
New flight points:
Felwood, Emerald Sanctuary (Both)
Ashenvale, Forest Song (Alliance)

New flight paths:
Stormwind <-> Thorium Point
Grom'gol Base Camp <-> Flame Crest
Ratchet <-> Gadgetzan, Astranaar, Brackenwall Village
Brackenwall Village <-> Ratchet, Camp Taurajo, Freewind Post
Thunderbluff <-> Zoram'gar Outpost
Evergrove <-> Toshley's Station
Honor Hold <-> Shattrath

In addition, many flight paths have been adjusted to be shorter, faster flights.

I must say, I'm pretty apathetic about flight paths these days. Now that I have my epic flying mount, it's easier just to aim myself towards my destination, fly high, hit runlock, and go AFK. No finding a flight master, no fee, and I can go anywhere. Epic mounts: the only way to fly. Still, these improvements are great for anyone that doesn't yet have the epic, including of course my eight zillion alts. And the new paths and points are all long overdue (very long, for the Azeroth ones).

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