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RealPIX point-and-shoot aims at realtors, fails to impress

Darren Murph

Ah, there's nothing like an over-hyped pile of steaming rubbish, and that's precisely what you'll get if you somehow pull the trigger on the forthcoming RealPIX digicam. The fixed-lens P&S sports an utter lack of beneficial features, but boasts about its "awe-inspiring" 22-millimeter f2.0 lens, "full 90-degree field of view," built-in flash, USB recharging ability, and the laughable 640 x 480 maximum resolution. Furthermore, you won't be seeing any flash card slots, rear LCD monitor, or video mode on this sucka, as the ginormous red button atop this dreadfully designed camera supposedly makes it all worthwhile. The most unbelievable aspect, however, isn't the complete absence of niceties we'd expect on even a low-end shooter, but the expectation that "real estate professionals" will actually drop $299 on this pimped out disposable. Good luck closing on this one.

[Via Wired]

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