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USB mouse pedals away, gauges speed as you type

Darren Murph

C'mon, even you know it's time to give the ole hamster a break from his wheel-spinning duties, and the latest typing-powered time waster to come our way is a very suitable replacement. The USB Speed Typing Mouse plugs directly into your USB port to get warmed up, and as you bang out dissertations, IMs, e-mail, and erroneous office rumors, the oh-so-toned mouse gets his stationary bike a-movin'. Interestingly, the front-mounted LCD is also good for keeping track of just how many keystrokes you can crank out, and of course, the faster you type, the faster the poor critter's legs will go. This must-have office mainstay checks in at a somewhat steep £19.99 ($39.40), but unfortunately for those anxious to get one shipped over, you'll have to wait about a fortnight while the little buggers complete basic training and return to stock.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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