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Widget Watch: Minutes

Mat Lu

The best widgets, in my view, do one simple thing and do it well. That description would fit Minutes, a great little countdown timer widget. With Minutes you just grab the little blue triangle and spin it around to choose your interval (in whole minutes). When it reaches zero it gives you a Growl notification reading "The time has come" and can also do one of the following:

  • Put the computer to sleep
  • Beep
  • Stop iTunes
  • Start iTunes playing a playlist
  • open a file
  • repeat the countdown
Simple, but effective; I like it, especially since you can open multiple copies. Now if only they'd allow you choose intervals other than whole minutes and edit the Growl notification text, it would be perfect. If the Dashboard is not your thing, we also had a post on setting short interval timers using Quicksilver a while back that of course could do all of this and more.

Minutes is a free download from Nitram+Nunca.

[Via MacApper]

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