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Happy Friday the 13th! Destroy Jason ... if you can!

In 1988, something terrible happened. We're not talking about lakeside sleepover camp mass murders (they shouldn't have been partially clothed and frolicking anyways), but a far worse fate ... Friday the 13th (the game). On this anniversary of the popular horror series' namesake, we thought it fit to reminisce about LJN's craptacular licensed NES game. We managed to dig up:
  • The Angry Nintendo Nerd's retrospective on Friday the 13th (warning: NSFW!)
  • This remix of the "Panic at Crystal Lake" track
  • And a review at ToxicUniverse, which succinctly explains: "The game is 'challenging' in the sense that it is nearly impossible to fulfill any of the objectives it gives you, but unchallenging as it gives you no incentive to attempt them."
Got any other Friday the 13th game links to share with the class? Stick them in the comments and we'll periodically update throughout the day ... if we can!

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