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Two new DS titles for Mega Man's 20th Anniversary

Jared Rea

When it comes to Mega Man's anniversaries, Capcom is a lot like Disney. They're always celebrating up to five years ahead or behind the times. It is indeed the 20th anniversary for the blue bomber and another year means another set of games with the Nintendo DS getting all the love.

Not to shock you or anything, but last year's Mega Man ZX is getting a sequel by the name of Mega Man ZX Advent. Once again you'll be assuming the roles of two androgynous kiddies as they tear it up Zero style. The title looks and feels to be more of the same, but the addition of multi-cart co-op and head-to-head play should make it more interesting for those coming back around.

Out to prove that it is in fact possible to squeeze blood out of a stone, Capcom announced not one, not two, but three different versions of their new Network title, Mega Man Star Force. Pegesus, Leo and Dragon are the names of the game and you'll find the same Mega Man Network mechanics here, only with a slight twist. The 2-D overworld remains the same, but the battles now take place in 3-D, albeit on the same familiar grid. It's a lot like Super Paper Mario's 3-D in how it simply feels like a perspective switch. The game also sports Wi-Fi Connect functionality for players to trade items.

Mega Man Star Force is due out this August, followed by Mega Man ZX Advent this October.

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Mega Man Star Force

Mega Man ZX

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