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Welcome Home, Pioneer keeps tumbleweed on its toes

Darren Murph

For those living on the range in, say, Oklahoma, this one should hit pretty close to home, as the Welcome Home, Pioneer installation melds dynamic balancing with an American icon in a nifty DIY creation. The system utilizes a tilting platform constructed from "recycled bike drive trains, EMT conduit, and canvas" that is set into motion based on the commands given by an infrared security camera and integrated motors. Interestingly, the actual space and lighting requirements for the motion-sensing processes to function as designed are quite rigid, but if it's concocted correctly, it can "run unattended for an indefinite period of time."Click on to the read link below for a myriad of photographs and videos of the construction process, and of course, a videotaped demonstration of the tumblin' in action.

[Via BoingBoing]

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