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As Scott and the engadget crew at NAB noted earlier, Apple's introduction of Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Server made quite a splash at the keynote presentation. Now that a bit of the dust has settled, has been updated with product details:

Pricing is set at $1299 for a new Studio license, $499/699 for upgrades from FCS1/Final Cut Pro or Production Suite, respectively; Final Cut Server is $999 for a 10-seat license, $1999 for unlimited clients. We'll be parsing the boatload of new features and tools in Studio over the next few days, hopefully with comments and contributions from video professionals who depend on these products every day.

Personally, I'm excited about Final Cut Server. Having seen a demo of the original Proximity artbox product that FCServer is built on (I'm sure about this -- the screenshot is a dead ringer) and knowing the difference between what Proximity was charging and what Apple's going to charge for the product... well, it looks like this is going to be another game changer: Mercedes-quality digital asset management at a Kia-level price point.

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