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This Nokia N95 is listening

Chris Ziegler

So we get the Big Brother / CIA / James Bond appeal of a phone that sends all ambient audio, phone calls, and text messages to a third party; we really do. What we can't fathom, though, is what circumstance would lead to you giving a frickin' N95 to someone you're trying to spy on. If you're trying to spy on them, that presumably means that you're not on the best of terms -- and frankly, if we got a $1,000 handset from an enemy of ours with no strings attached, we'd be just a tad suspect of the device. Anyhoo, if you've got money to burn and privacy to violate, this Nokia N95 specially equipped with "Interceptor Software" will keep you in the loop on any form of communication its user engages in. Oh, and at £2,300 (about $4,560), you'd better really need to eavesdrop.

[Via SCI FI Tech]

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