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AT&T gives in to unlimited messaging trend, too

Chris Ziegler

Perhaps in direct response to recent competitive pressure, it now appears that AT&T will be launching unlimited messaging on some of its plans beginning April 20, not the almost-unlimited allowances rumored previously. Specifically, the Messaging Extreme package has been rechristened "Messaging Unlimited" and MEdia Max 3000 is now -- you guess it -- "MEdia Max Unlimited" to indicate the limitless bounty of SMS and MMS now bundled with those packages. Furthermore, MEdia Works and MEdia Max are moving from 1,000 to 1,500 messages monthly. All good news for wallets, but bad news for thumbs. Read on for AT&T's verbage!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Great News!! On April 20th, Cingular will introduce new Unlimited Messaging packages as well as increase the messaging buckets on some of the Consumer Data Packages/Bundles.

In response to consumer demands, Cingular is significantly increasing the value of our Consumer Data Packages/Bundles creating both an Unlimited Messaging Package and an Unlimited MEdia Bundle and by adding 50% more messages to several feature plans. Now our customers have more flexibility in communicating via Text, Picture, Video & Instant Messaging!

The following consumer Messaging Packages & MEdia Bundles have been rebuilt and enhanced with additional messages:

  • MEdia Works
  • Messaging Extreme -- (NOW Messaging Unlimited)
  • MEdia Max 1000 -- (NOW MEdia Max 1500)
  • MEdia Max 3000 -- (NOW MEdia Max Unlimited)

More good news-the messaging increase also applies to the Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging versions of MEdia Works and MEdia Max 1500.

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