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Explore the heavens with your handheld

Eric Caoili

Still in the alpha stage of development, Constellations DS already looks like a useful tool for amateur astronomers. The homebrew application combines the portability of a star chart with the lighted display and interactivity of a notebook computer. Users will be able to zoom in and out of clusters, panning the night sky with their styli. Tapping a particular star displays its name, position, and other relevant information.

Only thirteen constellations have been mapped so far, but developer Nameless plans to add 75 more. Future builds of the program will also use the date and your location to lay out an approximation of how the night sky should look. If anything, Constellations DS serves as a great excuse to escape the light-congested city limits and spend a warm evening outside.

[Via Drunken Coders]

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