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Guitar Hero 3 = online multiplayer

Nick Doerr

Red Octane's boss Kai Huang had an interview with Pro-G recently that hasn't yet been released. Whoop-de-doo, right? Wrong. In the interview, it seems Huang went ahead and confirmed the dream of many rockers who were too embarassed to take their show on the road... or in front of friends: online multiplayer with Guitar Hero 3. Yes, you can now show off your mad skillz without showing off your crazy drooling problem you get whilst playing that Black Sabbath solo.

We don't know exactly what the online multiplayer feature offers, but if it's more than just a leaderboard, we'd be pumped. Sure, lag would seem to be a problem unless the whole song is pre-loaded before the multiplayer gets underway or something (thank you, PS3 hard drive?), but it could just be a score comparison between two players. This is sort of a test run for the inevitable multiplayer bound for the gigantic ambition known as Rock Band. What do you think this multiplayer will consist of?

[via Joystiq]

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